Three stripes stacked on one another giving the illusion of a left wing with the words Wings Project Services. This is the logo.

services offered


This is the most involved option. Our responsibilities primarily revolve around supporting another assigned project manager and team members. We assist in tasks such as 


The responsibility of the success of the project is placed on us. We take charge of 

We provide guidance to ensure that your team excels in maintaining quality standards, enabling them to deliver results within the defined constraints.


Coaching is useful for assisting current leadership and teams gain clarity to achieve successful outcomes in their projects.

In the one on one or group coaching sessions, we assist in 

Typical Projects

Ideation/Idea Generation

An idea generation project involves 

We facilitate an environment where the team can produce innovative concepts that are evaluated and refined for potential implementation.

Personal and Household

Ideas of what personal or household projects may include

We assist you with getting clear on how to automate your personal and family processes, so that when life happens at home, it's manageable.

Customer Experience

In a customer experience design project, we 

Our aim is to help you create seamless, memorable interactions that drive satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. 

Operations Audit

In an operations audit and design project, 

The goal is improved performance using best practices, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

Special Events

We assist with event management. We work close with your team to 

This is different from an event planner, who will have direct experience in specific types of events and a network of relevant vendors, such as florists or event insurance companies etc.

Revenue: AE + CSM

Project based sales services as an account executive or customer success manager are useful for 

We provide assistance to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue generation within a defined timeframe.

No pressure, just a chance to introduce ourselves and see if we would be a good fit for any of your current or prospective projects later on.